Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Horse Mask "Rival" On the Way to the Moldmaker!!!

I am so excited! The horse/unicorn mask "Rival" is on its way to the moldmaker's, Campbell Plaster and Iron in Rutland, VT! I started this mask over five years ago, I'm so happy it's finally finished. I've posted three pics of it above. Two in its final state, one with the horn and the other without. One in an earlier state (ie, with ginormous ears) showing how it will be worn. The finished production castings will have long luxurious manes and will be attached to a hood, which will fasten under the wearer's chin.

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Anonymous said...

Do you sell these masks somewhere? I need one for a photoshoot.
Please contact me on :

With kind regards,
Monique van de Ven