Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Attack of Shnozzola, or, The Practical End of My 35mm Camera

My main project the past few months has been to try to take some decent pictures of my masks for my website and other promotional materials. I splurged and bought all the photographic equipment I needed (seamless paper, a seamless stand, a reflector, a diffusion umbrella, etc) and set up a lovely little photographic studio in the basement. And then, while tripping over tricycles and stepping in cat poop (every fifth day or so is Litter Box Optional day among the felines here, it seems) I took my pictures. And retook my pictures. And retook my pictures YET AGAIN.

Observe Exhibit A, pictures of a "Sneer" mask, above. The bottom pic is taken with the mask as close to the camera as possible. The top pic is taken with the mask backed off from the camera, and then zoomed in with the telephoto lens. I had read about distortion in photos of three dimensional objects when the camera was too close, but, wow. Needless to say, I had taken pics of all my masks with the camera nice and close before I noticed this distortion was happening, and needed to take them all again.

So my original plan had been to take a set of digital pics with my digital camera, and then take a set of pics on real slide film with my conventional 35mm camera. But my digital camera has the telephoto lens and the 35mm doesn't. I don't want to spend tons of money to get a new telephoto lens. More and more galleries and shows are accepting mostly digital submissions, and I wonder if the day isn't coming soon when slides will be obsolete. And until then, there are places that convert digital pictures into slides. So this may be it, the day when I put my trusty 35mm on the shelf and say sayonara.

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