Friday, February 15, 2008

Sans Souci Studios Supporting eBay Boycott

Sans Souci Studios will be supporting the eBay boycott from Monday, February 18 until Monday, February 25. I have closed the store for the week and will be listing no new auctions during this time.

If you don't already know, the boycott is in response to 1)increased seller fees (from 10% to 12% of the final value of an item sold through eBay stores) 2)the holding of seller's Paypal fees for 21 days in some circumstances and 3)the inability for sellers to leave negative feedback for buyers anymore.

I have asked eBay representatives under what specific circumstances Paypal payment will be held for 21 days, and I was told this is not yet clear. Where it will be harshest will be for small sellers with less than 100 lifetime feedback ratings. This creates a circumstance in which these small sellers have to ship the item without being paid for it, covering the shipping expenses out of pocket, and if the buyer initiates a chargeback during this time (claiming fraudulently "the item was not as described" etc), the seller could potentially be without the item, the payment and without a way of leaving negative feedback for the buyer, no recourse.

Sans Souci Studios is unlikely to be effected by this directly, but I don't know if I can personally support these policies. I'm taking a wait and see attitude myself, and checking out other possibilities for sales listings in the meantime.

Stay tuned, and I hope you support the boycott! No buying or selling on eBay from February 18 until February 25!

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