Friday, May 07, 2010

All Species Day 2010

I've been quiet on my blog lately, holed up in my studio working on the deer mask and trying to attach the %&$#@!!! antlers in a somewhat less ridiculous fashion. Fortunately the junior maskmaker at Sans Souci Studios has been more visible.

Here is Isabelle modeling the jaguarundi mask that she and her father made together for this year's All Species Day. Incidentally her stuffed kitty "Sneeky Peeky" is dressed up as a person.

Jaguarundi? It's a South American wild cat. Isabelle is way into cats, and we're guessing she likes the way the word 'jaguarundi' rolls off the tongue.

All Species Day? It's a yearly pageant held on the first Sunday in May, put on by local artists and consisting largely of young kids wearing homemade animal masks and costumes marching from Hubbard Park to the lawn of the Capitol Building in Montpelier.

And, as you can see, the occasional grownup dressed as a Na'vi.

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