Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Open Studio Wrap Up

The Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio Weekend is over and done for another year! I enjoyed meeting all the visitors to my studio, artists and families and customers alike.

The above is a photo of me that appeared in the Sunday, May 3o edition of the Times Argus for Open Studio Weekend. (Looks like the clay sketches are thinking about taking on the photographer.) There was also an interview with me about Open Studios in the May 20th edition of the Montpelier Bridge, you can read it here: (You'll have to cut and paste this address into your browser, as this link is giving Blogger fits. My interview is on page 6.)

And yes, of course... the winner of this year's Mask Giveaway was Richard Andrecen of Hinesburg, VT! Congratulations! The mask is already on its way!

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DoAn said...

Nice article Carrie! I am so glad your work is getting more press--it certainly deserves it! I also love that your home was described as "House and Garden"!